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Entrant: eKutir Global Solution:  FarmChalo Country: USA Link:

SOLUTION: FarmChalo – Human digital platform and data intelligence connecting knowledge, markets and finance to smallholder farmers



eKutir identifies and trains agro-dealers/Agrovets and community agents, armed with mobile devices, to interface between farmers and our powerful digital platform.  The agents gather valuable farmer data reliably and consistently on the mobile platform – “FarmChalo,” allowing previously disconnected smallholder farmers’ access to sustainable inputs and markets. The platform generates farmer-specific, unique, and intelligent solutions. FarmChalo records the farmer data, interactions, and transactions done with the agent. The core data is then used to map and assesses farmers’ risk, interpret it, and deliver actionable information to the farmers to mitigate their risk and improve their productivity and increase income, through data-driven recommendations, and the exchange of products.