Selected finalists for the Data-Driven Farming Prize

Launched in February 2017, the Data-Driven Farming Prize seeks tools and approaches that source, analyze and translate data into actionable, timely and context-specific information for smallholder farmers to improve value from agricultural productivity. Individuals, groups and organizations across the world submitted over 140 applications. The approaches range from soil or water management systems to alerts supplying timely market or crop selection data.

Due to the high quality of the applications we have shortlisted more finalists than initially anticipated. The judging panel selected 13 finalists from Nepal, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Israel who have developed solutions to improve on-the-ground decision making to foster Nepali agricultural productivity. All finalists will benefit from mentors as they develop and test their ideas.

In September 2017 – two awardees will win $100,000 for the most viable solutions and an additional two will be awarded $50,000 for solutions that display significant potential.

Find out more about the winners and finalists by clicking on profiles below.