Eligibility Criteria

Below criteria sets out who can enter the Prize and what ideas will be accepted

Open to all – We are open to solutions from individuals, groups, organizations and companies globally, and all sources and sectors, particularly local innovators from South Asia.

Local applicability – though the call is global and solvers can come from all over the world, the solutions will be tested and applied to Nepal.

Willingness to share learning– All entrants need to demonstrate a willingness to share their experiences and learning to help establish a body of knowledge that can bring about a sustained change in the use of data to improve agriculture productivity.

Prototyping Skills – Applicants need to ensure they have the capacity to develop a prototype of the solution over the challenge time frame. Some support will be provided to help achieve this, but Applicants must be able to develop and test prototypes during the course of the prize, if selected.

Intellectual Property – Any  intellectual property in the submission must belong to the Applicant. Applicants will retain the intellectual property rights to their entry to the Prize.  Such Intellectual Property must be clearly marked as proprietary.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they are not infringing on the Intellectual Property of others.

Incomplete Entries – Entries will not be assessed if all required fields  have not been completed.  This applies to any stage of submission for the Prize and also relates to missing documentation that may have been requested.

Applications in English  – Entries need to be submitted in English by the relevant deadline and will be assessed against the judging criteria.

USAID Responsibility Determination – USAID will conduct a responsibility determination prior to award, to ensure that award to the organization meets applicable U.S. laws, including regulations administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury. For more information, see OFAC website: http://www.ustreas.gov/ofac, including the list of Specially Designated Nationals.