Agri Nepal – addressing the challenges faced by farming communities in Nepal through digital innovation


Essential info:

Entrant: R&D Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Type of organisation: Private Limited
Country: Nepal


The company will develop a mobile app as well as SMS based service called Agri Nepal . The application will be composed of mainly three modules: Informative: It will be search engine for farmers and people in agri business( Nepali Language). Interactive: online and offline interaction between farmers-suppliers, farmers-buyers, farmers- technical experts, farmers to farmers (peers) Predictive: Based on data we have and collected from other source we are building data ware house. And those data will be used for prediction of market, Production yield, Health and Diseases related to agriculture. Prediction will based on real time data and previous data with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence( AI) . Users will have access to soil health, agro- advisory, livestock advisory, input supplies , market linkage services and weather information through the application. A memory card with audio video data on extension services of agriculture and livestock rearing will be provided for low end farmers.