A dynamic, data driven, community embedded platform to support the application of modern horticultural knowhow through extension and finance


Essential info:

Entrant: Tel Aviv University
Type of organisation: Higher Education
Country: Israel


We propose a mobile-phone based extension system that will enable horticultural experts to guide Nepalese smallholders by suing real data collected in their fields. We build on a groundbreaking program that employs Nepalese smallholders in Israeli horticultural farms. Our solution will help returnees to implement what they learnt in Israel and act as conduits of information to others in their communities lacking the technical literacy, experience and trust that would make direct communication with Israeli experts fruitful. This interaction will support the sustained application of modern horticulture in Nepal. Farmers will continuously record farm activities and crop condition through text, visual and physiological data collected by a dedicated application, enabling Israeli experts to provide accurate agronomic and business advice. A partnership between Tel Aviv University biologists and development economists, the largest cooperative agricultural bank in Nepal, and Israeli agricultural R&D centers ensures an innovative but well grounded solution.