3-2-1 Agriculture


Essential info:

Entrant: VOTO Mobile

Type of organisation: Social enterprise

Country: Canada


VOTO Mobile will work with relevant stakeholders and existing datasets to create localized, interactive voice messages on climate-smart farming best practices, distribute these messages across Nepal for free through a major telecom provider, and collect data from farmers that helps improve the quality of information provided.This is made possible through the 3-2-1 Platform. The 3-2-1 Platform is a free, on-demand content library powered by telecom providers. They make our agriculture content available for free because we have shown them that it helps increase their market share and the loyalty of their subscribers. Experience in 12 African and Asian nations has also shown that the 321 Platform helps farmers diversify their crops, reduce risks, improve production and distribution, and increase incomes.

321 Agriculture will:

1. Increase access to information of evidence-based and climate-smart vegetable farming techniques, including- field preparation, seed selection, planting, maintenance and pest control, harvesting, storage, harvest sale and distribution – to improve production and financial outcomes of farmers.

2. Conduct mobile voice surveys to assess:

a) relevance & context of farming practices provided

b) impact on behavior change

c) Information on the challenges and priorities of smallholder farmers.