Improving efficiency and productivity of the farmers using Information and Communication Technology


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Entrant: DreamWork Solution Type of organisation: Proprietorship Country: Nepal


Scientific practice on agriculture has not been properly implemented in Nepal in-spite of the fact that there are more than 5000 agriculturist in the country. We are initiating a ground-up holistic concept with an integrated software solution that unfolds new avenue on agriculture practices. We are working on a cloud based software system that is intelligent enough on automation to generate database from individual farmer’s entry, detect problems and make scientific recommendations. We collaborated with Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal Agricultural Research Council, INGOs, Cooperatives and other stakeholders. Our system is capable to accumulate the collective information from various sources, a process it with scientific and mathematical calculation on backend, and output the information into the knowledge that is understandable and detectable. Software help managers to analyze all the parameters comparatively at one place, and built-in functionality automatically generates recommendation for individual farmers to maximize productivity within his same land resources.