Human-digital platform and Data Intelligence connecting knowledge, markets, and finance to smallholder farmers


Essential info:

Entrant: eKutir Global Type of organisation: Public Benefit Corporation Country: USA


An US-based public benefit corporation, eKutir Global provides a human-digital platform connecting smallholder farmers who have limited or no access to information, finance, and markets. This is solved by providing farmers access to crop planning, production technical assistance, and financial services through a network of trained field agents/micro-entrepreneurs. Low digital literacy impedes smallholder farmers from accruing benefit through use of digital technologies. To bridge the gap, eKutir™s model of engaging field agents to interface between farmers and our powerful digital platform reduces the bottleneck of insufficient access to smartphones and computing systems and ensures a higher level of implementation quality. The data profiles the farmer, personalizes it for recommending inputs, buyers, and practices. At the back-end, eKutir™s data is mapped with other data sets to generate intelligent analysis and statistically sound credit scores, which is shared with financial institutions for underwriting farmer financing.