Mobile Integrated Pest Management Solutions


Essential info:

Entrant: iDE
Type of organisation: NGO
Country: USA


iDE will develop a mobile solution to connect farmers with reliable information on integrated pest management practices with a direct link to where to purchase necessary inputs. iDE Nepal, through the USAID IPM Innovation Lab and working closely with the government, has developed integrated pest management (IPM) packages for major vegetable crops. The packages include economic pest thresholds for the application of IPM technologies including bio-pesticides, botanical pesticides, and other technologies. The exotic Tuta absoluta tomato pest was introduced in Nepal in 2016 and has the potential to devastate the tomato crop. Therefore, it is critical to get Tuta threshold information to smallholders rapidly. iDE has effectively piloted use of SMS sent by the mangers of collection centers to members for crop planting, market, and IPM information. We propose to scale this approach with development of a business model for collection centers and supply chain actors to bear the costs.