Managing vegetable production through web portal for sustainable livelihood of farmers in Kathmandu Metropolitan City


Essential info:

Entrant: Intrepid Geoinformatics Pvt. Ltd.
Type of organisation: Private Partnership / Start-up
Country: Nepal


Getting better prices for their yield is the prime necessity for the sustainable livelihood of farmers. The proposed solution will be a web portal that will aid farmers of Kathmandu Metropolitan City to plant vegetables based on existing demand. The portal will provide historical information of demand and price range of vegetables. It will forecast vegetable production scenario in a locality for a particular time based on plantation information, collected in advance from the farmers through mobile app. After comparing forecasted production with past demand, it will suggest farmers to streamline their vegetable plantation such that overall demand is stabilized. This will help farmers to get fair price for their produce. The information on available cold storage, past price and rainfall will help them in making sell or store decision, and managing risky days of hailstorm. The portal will also be a direct meeting point for producers, sellers and buyers.