Enhancing agricultural water management using a soil moisture mesh network


Essential info:

Entrant: Spero Analytics Type of organisation: Start-up Country: Canada


Our solution is to provide smallholder farmers and extension agencies with accurate, real-time data on soil moisture in farms across Nepal. This will be accomplished by equipping vulnerable agricultural regions with a wireless sensor network (WSN) consisting of soil moisture sensory nodes. This network will be set up using a mesh infrastructure wherein nodes communicate with each other using Long Range (LoRa) radio antennas and can self-heal in the event of a node failure. Data from the network will help farmers manage their water use more effectively and therefore adapt to climatic shocks such as droughts and heatwaves. In addition, it will allow extension agencies to observe localized soil quality trends in Nepalese farms, as well as inform their future decisions on irrigation interventions. The data will be relayed to farmers via SMS text, and will be made available to extension agencies for a monthly fee per hectare.