Data driven agriculture intelligence system for Nepal to improve productivity at field level in different climatic zones


Essential info:

Entrant: Db2Map
Type of organisation: Group, Start-up
Country: Nepal


Intervention to increase crop productivity with pest/diseases control and promoting genetically modified crop are not sufficient in the context of changing climate, population growth and degradation of resources. The agriculture intelligence system initiative will develop online agriculture-platform that can assess land-suitability to support better crop yield in Nepal.  The system will leverage on untapped data that automates suitability and illustrates the results in easy readable formats at farm level. The tools developed will provide incentives to targeted groups by making every farm connected and traceable with an increase in their per acre value. In-return, these communities will provide information which will help to create community knowledge-base. The integration of location-base-knowledge with the modern science will allow stakeholders to connect with farmers and promote their alternative crop-varieties. The broader aim of the project, however is to develop a sustainable open-ended-platform to ensure realistic content representation with practicable and user friendly platform.